We’re Back (and Some of Our Upcoming Projects)

We’re back from break and wanted to let you know some of the website’s plans are for the coming weeks.



Getting back into the swing of things is always difficult after coming back from a lengthy break. This is especially true when you’ve been away for a couple of weeks, like we have. Still, during the break, we have been working on setting up stories even if we weren’t deep in writing them. Here are some of the ideas/subjects we’ll be tackling in the coming weeks.


  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revisiting older topics that we had tackled before we went into our current Issue based format. One of the first topics we’ll be revisiting is cryptocurrency; specifically in regards to Bitcoin. Considering how much it has been in the news in recent weeks, we figured a comprehensive guide to everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency would be interesting to revisit. It’s currently in the process of being written and should be out sometime later this week.


  • Another piece that has been in the works for some time now is on the “whisper network.” Specifically in our piece, we’ll be discussing how interns in government use the whisper network to keep themselves safe from predatory behavior by some of those in power. We’re going to be changing up our usual approach for this Issue and implement a more interview style for the piece. Considering the topic is so personal to many people and most of the issue is made up of personal anecdotes, we figured the deviation from the usual style would be the best way to tell this story.


  • Since changing to our current Issue based format, we have been getting a lot of feedback from you guys. While most of you like the deep dives that the Issue based format lets us go on particular topics, some of you have been critical on our ability to cover stories on current events, particularly when it comes to the Donald Trump administration. And we just want to say, we hear you! We’re currently throwing around some ideas to better cover current events and working on stories that deal directly with the Trump administration. It’s important to keep in mind that this Issue format hasn’t been implemented for that long, so we’re still trying to iron out the kinks. The hope is that eventually these Issues will give multiple views on American politics, giving a better understanding overall system.


Alright, we just wanted to get you guys up to speed considering we’ve been away for so long. As always, if you guys want to keep up to date with our goings on in the site, your best bet would be to follow us on either Twitter (@ThePostTurtle) or Facebook (The Post Turtle). We definitely could use the followers and it’s probably the best way keep up with what’s going on for the site.


Other than that, here’s to hoping for a great 2018!


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