The Post Turtle’s Change in Political Coverage

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange.”



Hey guys, let’s talk.


So when we originally conceived the idea for The Post Turtle, the idea was creating a site that explained politics in a smart, simple, and fun way. While our approach on that may have changed a number of times over the years, generally speaking, that has always been our central goal. Cutting through all the noise in the political spectrum has always been the mantra when creating content for this site. Because of that, our content generally updated on a regular basis and tied to recent events. And for a while, it seemed to have been working. However, politics in has changed quite substantially in the past year.


Generally speaking, there have been so many important stories in the political spectrum that these past few months it has been hard to stay on top of the various stories. Add to that, the various perspectives coming from multiple sources – some of which aren’t the most credible – create a climate that pushes political views that aren’t necessarily the most thoughtful, but usually the most boisterous. For smaller outlets like us, this has made it near impossible to cover all this effectively, while still wanting to keep our original vision and maintain a certain quality that we strive for.


In other words, changes from our end were needed.


Based on various emails and interest shown in our site from the past few months, the pieces that have gotten the most attention and/or the best feedback from have been pieces that have been going deeper into specific topics. So that’s what we decided to do.


The general idea is that we would create 2-3 of these in-depth pieces each week. To keep track of these pieces, we decided to segment them into individual Issues (similar to how a newsletter or magazine would). Each of these Issues go pretty in-depth from a wide range of topics in the political spectrum. They can range from a simple explanation of a specific policy decision (like the GOP’s tax reform efforts) to stories a little odder (what could a box of 1992 “Political Trading Cards” tell us about that year’s presidential campaign). The idea is to tell more diverse set of stories and give a better/broader look at American politics. After all, the original goal years ago was to explain American politics to you as if you’re having a conversation with your drinking buddy, and still be interesting. We feel the idea of Issues better conveys that to you guys.


To get a better idea on the type of pieces these Issues will tackle, good examples of these are our recent articles that talk about pass-through companies and their effect on tax reform or finding out how we define a terrorist attack. The first of these Issues will be dropping tomorrow; it’s a story on how easy it is to hack into an electronic ballot machine.


Because of these recent changes, the website itself will also be redesigned to better fit this new format. Also if you have any ideas for future Issues or want to recommend topics, you can email us at contact[AT]thepostturtle[DOT]com


We’re really excited about this change of coverage and hope you end up loving this format as much as we do. And if not, we can burn it down.



Hey, we’re just keeping all of our options open.



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