Sussing Out the Confusion Over President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

If you’re confused over the implementation of President Trump’s transgender military ban, take solace in that you aren’t alone, because everyone else looks to be in the same boat.  



Some weeks back, President Donald Trump unveiled a new policy that would ban trans individuals from serving in the military. As you may have guessed, this in turn caused a fair amount of confusion. Then earlier this week, many news agencies had reported that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was freezing President Trump’s military ban, only to have those news reports debunked by new claims that wasn’t the case.   


Now if you’re confused on where the ban stands, you’re not alone; based on the various emails we’ve been getting on the subject, many people are in the same boat. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to suss out what exactly is going on with President Trump’s transgender military ban.



So Is the Transgender Military Ban Actually Dead?


In layman’s terms, the transgender military ban isn’t exactly dead, as it is put on hold for the time being. What the Trump administration did was postpone the ban until the government concludes a study on how to best implement it and send its recommendations back to the White House for implementation. So as for the two biggest misconceptions that were floating around regarding this story:


  • The first was that Mattis is the one that put a freeze on the transgender military ban; but in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. Mattis was just following the directive that was issued by the White House, that already had language in place which froze the transgender ban until a study on the ban’s implementation was in place. So the narrative of Mattis, in that he’s “undermining President Trump’s directive”, is completely taken out of context. If anything, Mattis is following the president’s directive very closely.


  • The second misconception comes in the way that people are believing the transgender ban is dead. To be perfectly clear, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TRANSGENDER MILITARY BAN IS NO WAY DEAD!!! For right now, it’s just temporarily put on hold because government agencies (ie the Pentagon) have to figure out how to implement the ban without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the military.


So while President Trump’s transgender military ban isn’t dead, there’s still questions of how it will be implemented in the military in general. Considering there’s an estimated 2,150 to 10,790 trans service members – this isn’t a hard number, just one based on data derived from multiple surveys – it’s possible the ban could be implemented similar to a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that was placed on gay soldiers back in the 90’s, because a complete dismissal of these individuals could potentially cause chaos within the military. Not only that, but there would be a strong potential for a witch hunt within military ranks of individual’s sexual identity getting outed, which is an ugly situation no one wants!


Though based on the various human rights groups that have asked a judge to halt President Trump’s military ban, claiming that it’s discriminating against transgender soldiers already serving, this fight looks to be far from over.


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