Political Ad Theater: Donald Trump’s “Let President Trump Do His Job” Ad

I think we can all agree, the timing of this political ad couldn’t have been any more awkward…



On Wednesday of this week, President Donald Trump had brokered a deal between himself and Congressional Democrats over checking-off three of Congresses’ most important items for this month: Hurricane Harvey relief aid, raising the debt ceiling, and funding the government. While the deal’s terms were far from ideal with many Congressional Republicans, President Trump working with Democrats was unexpected, not only for its cooperation, but he looked as if he had gained legitimate candor between congressional heads Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.


That’s why this Trump re-election ad, that was released last week, couldn’t have been more awkward.



This ad plays very much as the “best of” in regards to Trump speeches. It specifically targets the “obstructing Democrats” and “attacking media”, as the problem Trump faces from “doing his job.” Considering President Trump was able to get three of his legislative goals for this month done because he made a deal with the Democrats, the timing of the ad is a bit ill-conceived. But in all honesty, that really doesn’t matter.


This ad is meant to be red meat for President Trump’s base and the way it tries to position President Trump being bombarded by outside forces, while he presides in the White House, is a narrative that many Trump supporters can get behind.



(Photo Credit: Donald J. Trump for President’s YouTube Channel)


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