Political Ad Theater: Community Catalyst Action Fund’s “Insanity” Ad

With the Senate vote of Cassidy-Graham coming this week, many groups who oppose the healthcare bill are starting to push-back in a big way.



With the Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill scheduled to be voted on this week, it’s no surprise that a multitude of political groups have started to put out ads in hopes of affecting the senate vote; particularly groups that are opposing the bill. One of those groups that have been in strong opposition of the Cassidy-Graham bill has been the Community Catalyst Action Fund.



As a group that tries to push for easy access to quality healthcare, their opposition against Cassidy-Graham makes a lot of sense. With the core of the Senate GOP bill being focused on cutting healthcare costs, rather than the expansion of healthcare coverage; the above radio ad specifically tries to hammer that point home. In Community Catalyst Action Fund’s Insanity ad, the main target looks to be Republican Senators that are still on the fence of whether they should support the Cassidy-Graham bill: specifically Senators like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine. Even though both Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Collins were some of the key GOP votes that blocked the other Republican healthcare reform efforts from earlier this year, with Cassidy-Graham however, they are planning on waiting till “more information” has come out on the bill before making a decision.


What the Insanity ad – along with Community Catalyst Action Fund’s $200,000 ad buy – hopes to do is to pressure GOP Senators to reject the Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill. For that reason, it isn’t surprising that the ad has been targeted to be aired in in states like Alaska, Arizona, Maine, ect; because the most effective way to get some GOP leaders against the bill would be to drum-up public opposition. This of course comes at a time when revisions of the Cassidy-Graham healthcare have surfaced showing additions like a $500 million-per-year healthcare waiver program and additional Medicaid funding for high poverty states. These new provisions are in hopes of getting some GOP senators that are still on the fence to support Cassidy-Graham (specifically these revisions are in hopes of getting Sen. Murkowski on board because most of the new provisions look to help Alaska directly).


With the bill scheduled to be voted on the Senate floor this week, both opponents and supporters of Cassidy-Graham are expected to make their respective push.



(Photo Credit: Community Catalyst Action Fund’s YouTube Channel)


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