TPT in Images: The Flooding Effects of Harvey (As Seen from Space)

How NASA is giving us a new perspective on the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused in Texas.



As Hurricane Harvey finally begins to dissipate, it’s only now that we’re able to comprehend the damage that the storm has brought to the Houston region and the cost it will take to bring everything back to some semblance of normality. Yet as we start to process the devastation from a ground level, it can be hard to get a sense of how truly catastrophic the storm was. In that sense, NASA’s satellite photos are giving us an entirely new perspective regarding the hurricane’s aftermath.


During the past few days, NASA’s Twitter account has frequently published images of Harvey’s aftermath, specifically the amount of rain that the storm brought to the Houston area.



These satellite images have given people a better understanding of the devastation that has taken place over the last few days. NASA even posted some of the pictures that it had taken from its International Space Station as Hurricane Harvey was still being formed (which are strangely beautiful from space). We recommend you check out more of the photos on their Twitter page, but here are some choice tweets that we picked from the bunch.






(Photo Credit: NASA)


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