Understanding SCOTUS Decision to Allow a Limited Version of Trump’s Travel Ban

SCOTUS allowing a limited version of President Trump’s travel ban just leaves more questions than answers.



On Monday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) agreed to rule on President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban. This was a surprise to no one. However, till their decision, they decided to allow a “limited version” of President Trump’s travel ban to be enacted. So what does this exactly mean? Let’s dive in and find out.



No, the Supreme Court Didn’t Make Any Kind of Ruling on Trump’s Travel Ban


Even though we find ourselves saying this a lot, the above tweet from President Trump is flat-out wrong! Today, the only decision SCOTUS made was to hear President Trump’s case regarding his travel ban. The arguments for the case should be heard after their summer recess in the Fall. But it should be repeated;




Till their ruling however, SCOTUS did allow a limited version of the travel ban to exist till then.



So What Exactly Does This “Limited” Trump Travel Ban Entail?


For the most part, SCOTUS allowed President Trump’s revised travel ban to be initiated once again while they make a decision on the case. That includes:


  • preventing individuals from seven countries (Iran, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen) from entering the US for 90 days

  • suspend the US Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days (with the exceptions of allowing refugees that are “persecuted religious minorities”)


Yet the major exception the Supreme Court did add to President Trump’s travel ban was creating an exception for foreign nationals that have bona fide relationships with a person or institution in the US. Based on SCOTUS Blog’s analysis of the situation, the exception came from SCOTUS balancing “the equities as the litigation moves forward.” Considering the court case itself specifically revolves around a foreign national trying to reconnect with his family back in the US, SCOTUS adding that exception to the travel ban makes sense.


What does that exactly mean? The obvious cases would be individuals coming into this country due to family petitions or people heading here to come and work for a US company would not be effected by the travel ban. But those who are coming to the US on a Tourist Visa visiting a sick relative, would that count as having a bona fide relationship in the US? That question we won’t know until the revised travel ban is reinstated this Thursday.


For right now, this limited implementation of President Trump’s travel ban will be in effect for the time being. Whether that becomes the new normal, we’ll just have to wait and see.



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