How Trump’s Recent Tweets Are Killing His SCOTUS Case Regarding Immigration

A case study in why the president should maybe cutback on Twitter. Just sayin’.



From the very beginning, President Donald Trump has had an uphill battle trying to convince his second iteration of his Executive Order on Immigration was not discriminating against those immigrating from Muslim-majority countries. Of course, that made it almost impossible with statements like these during his presidential campaign…


Because of President Trump’s past comments, opponents of his executive order have tried to paint his decision as a discriminatory practice against Muslims trying to enter the US (aka a Travel Ban), violating the Constitution’s freedom of religion. So far, those against the executive order have created a pretty convincing legal argument that the federal courts have generally accepted. Now with the Trump administration taking his executive order case to the Supreme Court, the stakes have gotten considerably higher and from the looks of it, President Trump isn’t making it any easier on his administration…




As the above tweet shows, on Monday, President Trump tried to “tweet through his feelings” on his executive order on immigration and made it MUCH HARDER for his legal team to push that his executive order on immigration isn’t a ban on Muslims trying to enter the US! These mistakes range from:


  • President Trump explicitly calling his own executive order on immigration a “Travel Ban” on Muslim countries.

  • President Trump complaining that his second executive order is a “watered down” version of his original executive order.

  • Inferring that “extreme vetting” on immigration is needed to combat terrorist threats.


For the Justice Department – which FYI, he also took a shot at through his Twitter rant – President Trump has made it almost impossible for the courts to separate his executive order on immigration and it being a ban on Muslims from entering the US. Even before the tweet storm, President Trump’s executive order on immigration was a tough sell to begin with. But with his newest twitter rant, President Trump has positioned his case in the Supreme Court to already be a loss.



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