Political Ad Theater: Donald Trump’s “First 100 Days” Ad

Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign begins now! Hold up, wait, why is everyone leaving? Come back!



While very much an arbitrary measure, conventional wisdom dictates that the first 100 days of a presidency sets the general tone for the next four years. If that is the case, then the best description of the Donald Trump presidency would be this:




Even though the Trump administration has dominated the news cycle with his controversial comments, legislatively however, not much has been done under President Trump’s watch. Numerous political blunders like multiple botched attempts at an immigration ban and the inability to pass an Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) repeal, not much has been achieved by the Trump administration in its first 100 days.


Yet, based on a new political ad titled “First 100 days”, you would think he’s one of the most consequential presidents in US history!



The pro-Trump super PAC, Donald J. Trump for President, recently bought a $1.5 million ad buy on multiple television networks. The ad itself exalts that “America has rarely seen such success” under the Trump presidency, along with listing off various successes during the 100 days; such as pushing the nomination of Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch and rolling back various environmental regulations.


The ad also takes a shot at the media claiming they had been downplaying President Trump’s accomplishments as “fake news.” As you may have guessed, this didn’t go over to well with multiple news outlets. The ad actually came off so negative to CNN that they refused to run the ad on their network!


With that said, “controlling the narrative” is vital for any political organization. This ad, in many ways, is trying to reframe the success of the Trump administration in its first 100 days. The problem however, is that the Trump administration has had Such. Bad. Press. Over the first few months that reframing the first 100 days as a victory for the administration just looks absurd. While that doesn’t mean the Trump administration can’t be more consequential moving forward, but as of right now; President Trump has been saying a lot, yet has very little to show for it.



(Video Credit: NJ.com’s YouTube Channel)


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