Political Ad Theater: American Action Network’s “Keeping Promises” Ad

Conservatives begin to make the EXTREMELY HARD sell of the American Health Care Act.



To be blunt, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) isn’t very popular at the moment. Like, not at all…



Add to that, organizations like Save My Care – a political group that is against the passage of the AHCA – have been putting up politician specific attack ads against Republican Representatives that had voted for the bill as well. As of this writing, the push against the AHCA looks to be working, with the majority of Americans, against the GOP’s healthcare bill.


American Action Network (AAN) – a non-profit, right-to-center, issue advocacy group – hopes to change that in the coming months with their own ad blitz revolving around the AHCA.



As you can see, unlike the Save My Care ads, the ones that are being put out by the AAN try to promote the GOP members that supported the AHCA in the House. It’s a $25,000 ad buy that targets 25 congressional districts nationwide. From the looks of it, the ad tries to accomplish two major goals:


  • One is to try and change the public’s general perception of the AHCA. With the AHCA being taken on by the public as such a negative, that ad tries to sell the idea of the GOP’s healthcare plan by saying a better healthcare proposal is “on the way.”


  • Second, and probably the most important, is that conservatives are trying to mitigate the potential backlash that House Republicans may face for supporting the AHCA. The districts that the AAN decided to do ad buys in are areas where House Republicans are most vulnerable in the 2018 Midterm Elections. In many ways, the AAN ad looks to try and get in front of the 2018 backlash.


Considering AAN has spent more than $12.4 million in advertising since the beginning of this year regarding the GOP’s healthcare plan, ads like these are more than likely just the tip of the iceberg.



(Photo Credits: AAN YouTube Channel)


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