Is This News?: The Trump-Russia Edition

There is so many stories regarding the Trump administration and Russia currently coming out, we check to see if any of it is actually news!



Much like the animals in “Animal Farm”; all news is equal, but some news is more equal than others! We see if these stories are worthy of their headlines in another installment of “Is This News?” In this edition however, with so much news coming out regarding the Trump administration and Russia, we decided to do a special edition revolving around those headlines!



In an interview with NBC News, President Donald Trump told NBC News Anchor, Lester Holt, that former FBI Director James Comey was “a showboat”, “a grandstander”, and that the FBI had been in turmoil under his leadership. President Trump then alluded to the fact that Comey was losing trust within the FBI. Considering the media had been questioning the Trump administration for an explanation on why President Trump had fired James Comey, are his reasons good enough to be news?      


While the interview is most definitely news, but it’s not in a way that the Trump administration thinks! President Trump’s answers, in the NBC interview, are nowhere near substantial enough to be considered “good enough” for anyone that have legitimate questions regarding the firing of Comey. Which by the way, is basically everyone!


To make matters worse, the answer President Trump gives in the interview doesn’t match what the acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, had said during his testimony to the Senate’s Intelligence Committee earlier today.



With President Trump’s comments contradicting the ACTING DIRECTOR OF THE FBI (!!!), over if the FBI had lost confidence in Comey, all his comments did in that interview was raise more questions! This isn’t good moving forward for the Trump administration, because the longer there are questions regarding the firing of Comey, the less credibility they’ll have. Which for a presidential administration, is a dangerous thing!



The Telegraph reports that the White House is furious over the fact that Russia had mislead them over bringing a Russian photographer into the Oval Office. As expected, numerous security experts were concerned over the fact that the Russians could have snuck a recording device into the Oval Office. So, is this story just paranoia or is this news?


This is news in the sense that it adds to the narrative of the Trump administration constantly making these self-inflicting mistakes. The Washington Post reported that the White House didn’t even know the photos taken of the meeting would be posted online until a state run Russian news agency had done so! While this is extremely embarrassing for the Trump administration, security officials were more concerned that Russian officials, with recording equipment, had been allowed to enter the Oval Office.



Security experts have said that it is very possible for the Russians to have planted some kind of listening device in the Oval Office. Hell, it wouldn’t even be the first time it happened! But many security officials have also commented that the chance intelligence agencies wouldn’t find the listening device immediately in the Oval Office is very unlikely. It’s standard procedure at the White House for intelligence officials to do a full-sweep of the Oval Office on a regular basis. While granted, it’s not after every meeting, enough care goes into security at the White House that it’s not THAT big of an issue.


While most will agree it was reckless for the Trump administration to allow Russians, with recording equipment, to enter the Oval Office, it’s highly unlikely that it had compromised long-term security. If anything, the story just highlights the strange negligence that the Trump administration has consistently showcased thus far.



(Photo Credits:, Russian Embassy Flicker)


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