9 Questions You Have Regarding President Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey

Because almost 24-hours later and we still know very little regarding to what actually happened.



So this happened yesterday.



President Donald Trump had fired James Comey as the FBI Director, who also just happened to be leading the investigation on the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. This, in no uncertain terms, is incredibly big news. It’s so big that we had a hard time trying to figure out how to cover the story. Like us, you probably have a lot of questions. So we decided to try and answer some of the major ones right here.



Q1: Why did Donald Trump fire James Comey?

Well, that depends on who you ask. The Trump administration says that it’s because of Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which President Trump doesn’t go much further than that in his explanation…



Q2: Ok, what’s the REAL reason Donald Trump fired James Comey?

Honestly no one really knows. But, we’ll say this. It doesn’t look good when the last three fires of President Trump were; Preet Bharara, Sally Yates, and James Comey. All of whom were investigating Trump’s ties to Russia! Now considering there are new reports saying the Comey was expanding his Russian investigation, President Trump firing Comey over Russia now becomes the predominant theory.



Q3: Hold up, can Trump fire Comey as FBI Director? That just seems illegal/weird somehow considering the Trump administration is under investigation…

Well, the position of the FBI Director technically falls under the President of the United States, so in that case, President Trump is very much in his power to relieve Comey of his position. With that said, the FBI Director is usually looked at as a non-political position in government. Generally speaking, presidents have kept their predecessor’s FBI Directors in hopes of not making the position “too political.” So while Trump’s ousting of Comey is not illegal, it’s most definitely weird!



Q4: So what happens to the FBI’s investigation on Trump’s ties with Russia now that Comey – the guy who was heading the investigation – is gone?

Theoretically speaking, the investigation should go on, though it is also very possible (but unlikely) that the new FBI Director would just drop the investigation entirely! However, even if the FBI investigation continues, there’s now a legitimate public perception that President Trump and his administration is meddling with in the investigation. The problem is that whatever conclusion the FBI comes to in the Trump-Russia case, everyone will most definitely question it.



Q5: The Trump administration had to have known this would cause some kind of uproar over the firing, right?

From the looks of it, no.



Our guess, President Trump figured that Democrats would be happy for the ousting of Comey due to his handling of the Clinton Emails investigation. Well, he figured wrong. Democrats are more pissed – and rightly so – over President Trump firing the lead investigator of a case that was looking into his ties with the Russian government. Somehow, we’ve all found ourselves in a Tom Clancy book!



Q6: Can Congress do anything about this?

Absolutely! Congress has the power to setup an independent investigation regarding ties to the Donald Trump campaign and Russian officials. Also, what makes this an even more favorable option is that the investigative group would be independent from both Congress and the Trump administration!



Q7: Great, so when will Congress create this independent investigative group?

Yeah, about that…



Even though Democrats are pushing for an independent investigation, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell states, Republicans in the Senate look to have no interest in doing so. As of this writing, the only two Republicans that would be privy to an independent investigation are Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. If the independent investigation is to be even a remote possibility, they would need more Republicans to support the measure. While many Senate Republicans have “concerns” over President Trump firing Comey, that’s a long way from actually doing something about it.



Q8: Ok, so the Senate is a long way off of creating the independent investigative group. What about the House?



Sorry, we don’t mean to laugh, but if the Senate is not calling for an independent investigation over the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, there’s absolutely Z-E-R-O chance the House will. For those wanting an independent investigation, the Republicans that are most likely to break from the Trump administration are in the Senate. There are just too many Republicans in the House that are loyal to the White House to make this remotely feasible.



Q9: So this is President Trump’s “Watergate” that will get him impeached, right?

While this story is MASSIVE news, there’s no telling if this story will stick in this modern 24-hour news cycle. As FiveThirtyEight commented on today, past Trump/Russia stories, while having a significant spike at the moment they broke, completely diffused only a few days after. It’s hard to say if the public at-large will hook onto the story, the same they did with Nixon and Watergate back in the 70’s. Yet if the outcry became bigger, similar to how the blocking of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) became a rallying cry to many, then maybe there would be some traction. Only time will tell if the “Trump Firing Comey” story will stick.



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