Political Ad Theater: Rob Quist’s “Defend” Ad

Democratic House candidate Rob Quist wants the voters of Montana to know, that he loves to shoot the crap out of things!



In Montana’s May 25th special election, Democrats are hopeful of capturing the state’s only House seat. Considering popular folk singer, Rob Quist, is running for the House seat, Democrats have a reason to feel good. Though there is one caveat that could put a wrench in the Democrat’s plans: Quist’s previous comments regarding gun control.


In a January interview early this year, Quist talked about the idea of creating a national registry for automatic weapons. While in most cases, a Democrat talking about gun control would be the norm, but in Montana – where support for gun rights is especially strong – it could be the difference between winning or losing in a major electoral contest. So it’s no surprise that Quist decided to walk back his original comments.



Since then, Republicans and other conservative groups have tried to tie Quist to his earlier comments regarding gun control through various attack ads. It’s actually gotten so constant that the Quist campaign had to put out a political ad to answer back at those attack ads!



Granted the ad is a little overkill, but in a close House race, the Quist campaign isn’t taking chances.



(Video Credit: Team Quist Information’s YouTube Channel)


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