Your Jobs Report Mantra for February 2017

And thus the economic sages said “well, at least the jobs market is strong…”



Here’s your Jobs Report Mantra for the February 2017:


“Even though the federal government may look to be in chaos, at least the jobs numbers are still strong…?”



As we move forward with our journey towards fiscal enlightenment, for many of us, our minds have become troubled by the not-so-smooth transition of a Donald Trump presidency. Whether it has been his administration pushing deregulation standards or enforcing nationalistic-centered policies through various Executive Orders, distractions have been many on our way to economic nirvana.


Yet fear not, it hasn’t been all bad news! Based on February 2017’s Jobs Report, the economy at least looks to still be relatively strong!


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 235,000 jobs were created in February, along with the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.7 percent. The chaos that currently engulfs the White House has not affected the economy at-large – so far – which should ease some troubled minds. So with February’s jobs numbers surpassing what many had expected, the talk of raising interest rates have started to surface once again! However for one to decide if that is wise, we must retreat to our hermit like ways and meditate to the sound of a cash register.


Till next month.




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