The Two Takeaways from the Federal Courts Blocking President Trump’s Travel Ban, Again

Someone should break it to the Trump administration that their Travel Ban is probably not going to happen.



With the revised Travel Ban from the Trump administration getting blocked by federal judge in Hawaii, it looked as if President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban was finally dead. But after President Trump’s comments at his Nashville rally, that doesn’t look to be the case. Regardless, here are the two takeaways from the federal courts blocking President Trump’s Travel Ban.   



President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Looks to Have Been DOA from the Start


When it came to the federal courts putting a restraining order of President Trump’s revised Travel Ban, their reasoning was a simple one; the executive order was disproportionately barring Muslims from entering the US, thus making the executive order still unconstitutional. Even though the Trump administration had tried to reframe the revised Travel Ban as not necessarily a “Muslim ban”, but a step towards tightening US’ immigration standards. The federal court was clearly not buying it.


A big part in the federal courts not believing the Trump administration in that the revised Travel Ban not being a ban on Muslims from entering the US has much to do with President Trump and his associates’ past comments on the matter.



Since the federal courts’ reasoning is primarily based on past comments from Trump administration associates, then basically any executive order coming from the White House regarding immigration will be questioned by the federal courts on whether if it’s a Muslim Ban or not. In laymen’s terms, President Trump’s chances of enacting any kind of Travel Ban from becoming a reality are extremely slim from here on out and the Trump administration has no one else to blame for that but themselves!



If President Trump’s Comments During His Nashville Rally Are Sincere, Then He Has No Idea How Any of This Works…


Based on the ruling by a federal judge yesterday, the only way President Trump can make his Travel Ban a reality would be to take it to the Supreme Court and hope they find that the executive order to be constitutional. Other than that, the Travel Ban looks to be dead for now. However, based on President Trump’s comments in his Nashville rally yesterday, we’re not sure if he knows that fact…


The idea of the Trump administration going back and reinstating the original Travel Ban, because their “watered down” version got blocked, is asinine! While President Trump’s base most definitely ate up his comments, the idea of reinstating the original Travel Ban because he believes the Supreme Court will agree that the executive branch has the final say on immigration policy is misguided at best. Granted, traditionally courts have not impeded the executive branch in creating immigration policy, but it’s become very clear the courts don’t trust the Trump administration to do so constitutionality. Also there are many instances of the Supreme Court going against presidential interpretation on a variety of matters.


In reality, the Trump administration should just drop the Travel Ban altogether. But if anything, they are looking to doubling down on it.



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