Political Ad Theater: Congressional Leadership Fund’s “The Truth Strikes Back” Ad

Welcome to politics Jon Ossoff, it’s pretty terrible!



A few months ago, someone like Jon Ossoff wouldn’t have made a blip in the political world. As a 30-year-old, with zero political experience, running as a Democrat for a congressional seat vacated by Tom Price – who now works for the Trump administration – which resides in a very conservative district, he wouldn’t be looked at as a threat.


But then, President Donald Trump happened.


With a Trump Presidency came a backlash not only to Donald Trump, but the GOP as a whole. And suddenly someone like Ossoff, who’s running on a “Make Trump Furious” platform, has raised around $3 million in online donations and looks like a perceived threat to getting Price’s congressional seat!


So with all that in mind, the following ad from the pro-GOP super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, makes much more sense.



While the ad is a bit of a low blow – who among us don’t have unflattering pictures or videos of themselves from their time in college? – it shows how important even the smallest of congressional races have become. For the Republicans to keep control of the House, they’ll need to protect 24 congressional seats for the next two years. So that means they will not only have to stave-off this anti-Trump resentment since the president has taken office, but also first time candidates like Jon Ossoff.


As for Jon Ossoff himself, he fights an uphill battle because the congressional seat that he wants to take in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has been in GOP control for decades. Yet at the same time, Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is the type of political district Democrats hope to turn blue during the Trump administration; affluent, college-educated, suburban area in which its residents have become disenchanted by the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans.


Georgia’s congressional race next month should be an important litmus test for 2018 in which both parties will be looking at closely! And with GOP super PACs already putting out attack ads for what should be a winnable race for Congressional Republicans, that means they are most definitely paying attention.



(Video Credit: Congressional Leadership Fund’s YouTube Page)


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