Who the Hell is… H.R. McMaster?

He’s President Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser. (And from the looks of it, a solid pick!)



Over that last few months, when President Donald Trump picked individuals to be part of his administration and what undoubtedly would follow is an avalanche of (legitimate) criticism over his pick. Yet President Trump’s replacement for Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser has been receiving… praise?    



So who is H.R. McMaster and why do people think he’s an excellent choice for National Security Adviser? Let’s find out!



So… who the hell is H.R. McMaster?

H.R. McMaster is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser.


What are some of McMaster’s qualifications?

McMaster is an active army lieutenant general and is well known among people who are in the US military. He has a reputation of being knowledgeable in foreign policy and a brilliant military strategist from his time in the Gulf War. He’s also a scholar of military history as he enrolled in a PhD program at the University of North Carolina where he published a dissertation on US military’s role in starting the Vietnam War.


So McMaster is qualified to be National Security Advisor?

Absolutely! Unlike some of President Trump’s other picks – cough Betsy DeVos cough – McMaster’s background makes him perfect choice as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. Basically, the job of a National Security Advisor is to be able to sort massive amounts of information and help create public policy through it. McMaster is specifically qualified to do just that based on his background!


What makes McMaster a better choice than Michael Flynn?

The problem with Flynn was that he tended to put more stock in fringe political ideas (like Americans fearing Muslims being a rational thing!!! ). McMaster is very different in his policy approach. As we said earlier, McMaster’s political philosophy comes from a solid place which stems from decades of history on US foreign policy.


So this is a solid pick by President Trump then?

Yes, most definitely!


So how could the Trump administration screw this up?

A National Security Adviser is only as effective as the presidential administration that listens to them. McMaster is VERY different from the other major advisers within Trump’s administration (aka Steve Bannon), so there is a very real possibility that his ideas will be ignored within the Trump administration. Even though McMaster has the knowledge to be an effective National Security Adviser to President Trump, if the administration’s dysfunction deters McMaster from doing his job, then the pick may not matter.



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