TPT in Images: Fox News Compares Steve Bannon and the Leader of ISIS in a Chart

Kids, kids. As far as the majority of America’s concerned, you’re both terrible.



This one’s going to need some explaining…


The other night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson tried to defend White House senior adviser Steve Bannon by responding to a USA Today editorial that stated Steve Bannon and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – leader of ISIS – share similar world views when it comes to an “inevitable clash between Islamic and Western ideals.” What came next was a ridiculous checklist comparing the two men.


For the record, the USA Today editorial wasn’t necessarily equating that Bannon and al-Baghdadi as being equally awful, but was comparing the view of both men as believing the clash between Islam and the West was unavoidable.


But regardless, maybe using a checklist to basically suggest, “hey, he’s not as bad as ISIS!” isn’t the best strategy when defending Bannon…



(Photo Credit: Fox News)


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