Political Ad Theater: The Pro-Trump Presidential Ads by The Committee to Defend the President

No, the Trump administration isn’t directly running political ads claiming “he’s under attack!” But yes, they’re still pretty nefarious for an entirely different reason!



If you’ve been watching TV over the past week, you may have noticed this ad proclaiming that “President Donald Trump is under attack.”



It’s definitely an odd ad. Considering the majority of political ads only try to frame on a particular political agenda to their favor, or at most ask viewers to call their elected officials to push for political action, with the above ad asking viewers to call a 1-800 line is… strange.


While many on Twitter believed the ad was from the Trump administration itself, the real people behind the ad is from a Pro-Trump PAC that used to be an anti-Clinton super PAC back in the 2016 presidential contest! After some detective work from The Center for Public Integrity, they were able to uncover that the people behind the ad were called “Committee to Defend the President”, a newly formed PAC that changed their name from the infamous “StopHillary PAC” which made such tasteful ads as these.



They were also known for their incredibly aggressive – and let’s be honest, underhanded – fundraising tactics. One of the more “memorable” fundraising emails from the StopHillary PAC involved referencing both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, as they were both still campaigning to be the GOP presidential nominee at the time, in which the email sounded as if both campaigns were asking for money to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the next US president, even though neither one of the campaigns had signed off on the email.


Similar to the “Donald and Ted” email, when you call the 800 number from the Committee to Defend the President ad, you’re greeted with a message asking you to donate to the PAC in hopes of combating the Democrats’ “war room” in which they are planning to “destroy Trump’s presidency!” The ad and the robo-message clearly makes it sound like the group is representing President Trump himself, but in reality that could be further from the truth.


Considering the StopHillary PAC’s past run-ins with the Federal Elections Commission and its blatant attempt to mislead people in giving donations to their organization, it’s best to ignore Committee to Defend the President.


Both conservatives and liberals would all be better off for it.



(Photo Credit: The Center for Public Integrity)


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