Political Ad Theater: ACLU’s “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand” Ad

Hold up, the guy who directed Boyhood is doing political ads now??



With the recent moves from the Trump administration to rollback transgender rights in public schools, the infamous “bathroom laws” that were being debated within state governments have come up again. One such piece of state legislation is SB 6 in Texas called the “Texas Privacy Act.”


Similar to South Carolina’s “bathroom bill”, Texas’ SB 6 would only allow transgender individuals to use the bathrooms in public schools, government buildings, and public universities that corresponds to their “biological sex” (and NOT to their gender identity)!


As you may have guessed, not everyone is celebrating the measure. One of those groups happens to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Recently, the ACLU put out this ad – fun fact, it’s directed by famed Hollywood director Richard Linklater (Boyhood, Before Sunrise, Dazed and Confused) – in opposition of SB 6.


For the record, there are a multitude of reasons to be against “bathroom laws” that state legislatures like Texas and North Carolina have been pushing. Even if we were to ignore the very obvious (but incredibly important!!) fact that these “bathroom laws” trample on the personal rights of LGBT individuals, they also could potentially cause states to lose much needed revenue. The prime example that critics of “bathroom laws” point to is how the NBA moved “All-Star Weekend” from Charlotte to New Orleans due to North Carolina passing their own anti-LGBT bathroom law! The ad even alludes to that fact.


While there’s a good chance that SB 6 could pass Texas’ State Legislature, one thing is for certain, many Texans are pushing back against the measure.




(Video Credit: ACLU Texas’ YouTube Channel)


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