Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings are REAL Bad (But They May Not Matter)

Three important takeaways from President Donald Trump’s historically low approval ratings.



Across the board, no matter what poll you are looking at, whether it be the Morning Consult, YouGov, Rasmussen, or Gallup; President Donald Trump’s approval ratings are bad. Like REAL BAD!



While disapproval ratings may vary between polls – YouGov has President Trump at a 48% disapproval rating while Gallup has it at 45% – the general trend looks to be the same; President Trump’s approval ratings are going steadily down, with very little signs of an uptick. So what does it all mean? Here are three takeaways.    



  • President Trump’s Rapid Executive Actions May Be Catalyst for His Low Approval Numbers: To be fair, the American people were pretty divided by a Donald Trump presidency from the very start. A day after Trump’s inauguration, Gallup showed that Americans were essentially divided with a 45%-to-45% split in approval rating. But with such controversial moves like the Travel Ban, more Americans looked to have soured on the Trump administration with the president’s disapproval rating now reaching 54%! A big part of this has to do with how fast President Trump has tried to enact change through executive orders. Based on the YouGov survey, Americans haven’t been very receptive to his presidential actions. Which conveniently leads us to the next point…


  • President Trump’s Approval Ratings Got Low, Historically Fast: All presidents have a “honeymoon period” with the American public when they first enter office. As a presidential administration starts to enact more of their own policies, that’s when a president’s approval rating starts to go down, because naturally their policies become divisive to the American public. However, to get to 50% or under takes at least a few hundred days. The Trump administration got there in just eight days. Apologies, we should write that with the proper inflection; THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION GOT TO UNDER 50% APPROVAL RATING IN JUST EIGHT DAYS WHERE IT TOOK OTHER ADMINISTRATIONS HUNDREDS OF DAYS!!! That is REALLY fast! Basically, the majority of actions that President Trump has taken while in the White House, the American public has looked at them negatively. Yet, with that said…



  • None of This Really Matters, Because Republicans Still Haven’t Abandoned President Trump: The interesting thing about all of this is, none of it may matter. In a recent YouGov poll, while the majority of Americans vehemently disagree with the direction President Trump is taking the country, 83% of Republicans think the Trump administration is doing a good job. Particularly, Republicans have been particularly favorable towards President Trump’s major moves thus far including his executive order on immigration (ie Trump’s Travel Ban), willingness to build a US/Mexico wall, and wanting to renegotiate NAFTA. This matters because with Republicans controlling both the House and Senate, there is very little reason for them to go against the Trump administration. Some have questioned whether President Trump’s flailing approval numbers will effect Republicans in 2018, but as long as their base is happy, Congressional Republicans have little reason to abandon the Trump administration politically. So as of right now, President Trump’s incredibly poor approval ratings may not matter. At least for now.



(Photo Credit:, Gallup Polls, Statista)


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