10-Point Expert: Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees

A solid reminder to what bad legislation – basically on every level, from intent to execution – looks like!



This was the scene at most international airports, in the US, this weekend.



This was of course due to President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees. There’s a lot to unpack here, so we’ll just dive right into it with our 10-Point Expert!


(Update 03/07/17: The Trump administration recently revised the travel ban that is talked about in this article. You can check-out our 10-Point Expert on Trump’s newly revised travel ban here.)  



Point 1: Last Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order that would specifically suspend the admission of refugees and foreign nationals from seven Middle-Eastern countries for at least 120 days while a “new vetting system” would be implemented. The countries affected by the ban are: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia.


Point 2: Specifically for Syria, there will be a permanent ban for refugees coming from that country until further notice. As for the seven Middle-Eastern countries, the ban on citizens coming from those countries will be for 90 days. As for all other refugees, even if you aren’t coming from one of those seven countries, they would be barred from entering the US for the next 120 days.


Point 3: The Executive Order clearly states that “the visa-issuance process plays a crucial role in detecting individuals with terrorist ties and stopping them from entering the United States.” However since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there have been only three cases in which a terrorist suspect has come from one of the seven countries.


Point 4: In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, President Trump said that he would prioritize persecuted Christian refugees in the Middle-East over Muslims from entering the US. That led many to call President Trump’s Executive Order the “Muslim Ban” because it amounts to nothing more than a religious test to those wanting to enter the US. A name President Trump isn’t too fond of.



Point 5: The signing of Trump’s Executive Order has caused mass confusion in terms of implementation on the ground level! It has gotten so bad that over 100 arrivals from the seven countries were detained at the airport by the Customs and Border Protection this weekend. This lead to students, families, even children being detained for hours without answer or proper legal consultation!


Point 6: The greatest amount of confusion came from individuals who had been green card holders coming from one of the seven affected countries. Even though as a Green Carder, they’re allowed the same rights and privileges as a US citizen when entering the US, the Department of Homeland Security originally said the Executive Order barred them from re-entering the US and would need a “case-by-case waiver” to be able to return. It wasn’t until public and legal outcry that the rule was reversed by the White House on Monday allowing Green Card Holders to come into the US. Even so, there are now reports that dozens had given-up their Green Cards to Customs and Border Patrol agents while being detained this weekend!


“Just a quick reminder, statistically in the US, you’re more likely to die from getting hit by lightning or getting shot by a 2-year-old than a terrorist attack…”


Point 7: As of Saturday, a litany of federal judges had started to challenge President Trump’s travel ban, with the most noteworthy being a federal judge from New York giving out a ruling which prevented the government from deporting individuals being held at many airports over the weekend. While his ruling stopped short of commenting on the broader constitutionality of President Trump’s Executive Action, groups like the ACLU have promised to challenge the executive order’s constitutionality in higher courts.


Point 8: For the most part, Congressional Republicans have been slow to act on President Trump’s Executive Order. While some have expressed dissent on the travel ban, few Republicans look to take any real action against the president on it.


Point 9: As for the Democrats, they have plans to rescind President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration in multiple ways. The most direct would be to try and introduce legislation that would reverse the president’s travel ban, but without more congressional support by Republicans (they would need 60 votes to make it happen), the bill has no chance of passing Congress. Other ways Democrats hope to challenge the president’s executive order is to slow down the nomination process of his cabinet members and more importantly, his Supreme Court pick.


Point 10: The biggest takeaway from President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees is this; that it’s a legislative mess! Even if you were to overlook the undertones of religious discrimination against Muslims, how the order can be easily unconstitutional, or the very obvious contradictions to current laws – which by the way, we absolutely should not!!! – you still end-up with a badly written executive order that took us two whole days to decipher what it all meant. There will undeniably be more opposition and legal action against President Trump’s travel ban in the coming weeks, but from our perspective, this is as HUGE of a legislative clusterfuck as you can get!



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