Your Jobs Report Mantra for November 2016


When entering uncharted presidential waters, it’s always better to do it when fiscally peaceful.



Here’s your mantra for the November 2016 Jobs Report:


“A strong economic outlook should give us peace to the changing presidential tide.”




As we continue towards our goal of economic enlightenment, the US economy remains strong in November, creating 178,000 jobs and unemployment rate falling from 4.9% to 4.6%. Even though our fiscal third-eyes have started to open due to the strength of the US economy, many chakras have become off-center with Donald Trump presidency looming on the horizon.


For many, a Donald Trump administration proves to be unpredictable, but with the unemployment levels falling to levels not seen since before the 2008 Recession, Trump inherits a fairly strong/healthy economy. With the labor market continuing to grow stronger, the path of economic nirvana can be seen, even if we are far to reach it. Though the tides of change are coming quickly, we must not let it cloud our minds.


Now, let us meditate on the sounds of a cash register till next month.




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