Things to Keep in Mind with a Week Away from Election Day


If you take nothing from this, just please, REMEMBER TO VOTE!!!



We’re only a week away from the general election and just like with every other election cycle, there’s a lot of noise out there. With local stations saturating their nightly broadcasts with political ads, it’s very easy to get scrambled by it all. So here is what to keep in mind as you survive the final week of this 2016 election cycle!  



More Like a Jostle Than a “Total Upheaval”


As we alluded to on Friday, the news of the FBI reopening the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails has most definitely effected the landscape of the 2016 presidential race. But not as much as you might think.


Before Clinton’s emails became relevant once again, the Trump campaign had basically been on a downward spiral. Since the first debate, Trump had been rapidly bleeding voters and losing traditional Republican strongholds like Arizona and Nevada. What the Clinton emails story essentially did was give the Trump campaign a life preserver. Suddenly, a couple of polls have shown a shift in the presidential race that gives Trump’s campaign a chance once again.


While news of the FBI case has come at the most inopportune time for the Clinton campaign, it’s important to realize that all the news did was potentially give Trump a path to win the general election, what it didn’t do was change the election’s current trajectory set in the last two months. While the recent headlines have energized Trump’s base supporters, let’s not kid ourselves, the general election is still Clinton’s to lose.



PSA: Before You Go to the Polls, Know Your Ballot Measures



This year there are 162 ballot measures across 35 states. For many voters that will be going to the polls, the first time they see these ballot measures will be in the voting booth. That is scary for a number of reasons!


In many cases these ballot measures are just as important – if not more so – than the people you vote for on the ballot. The measures this year run the gambit from legalization of marijuana to the increase in minimum wage to even measures regarding gun control. A majority of these measures – 71 of them to be exact – were put on the ballot by citizens through a petition process. So in other words, these measures are very important in their respective communities. Sadly, even though most voters have strong feelings on these issues, very few of them know anything about the measures until they reach the voting booth. So this election season, do your civic duty and study up on your ballot measures before entering the polling booth!



Republicans Just Might Keep the Senate    



Conventional wisdom states that whatever happens to a party’s presidential nominee in the polls, their down ballot races (ie the Senate and House) also follows. So as you would expect, with Donald Trump historically unpopular with a large part of the electorate, both the House and Senate have become political battlegrounds in 2016. The Democrats particularly have put much more emphasis in these down ballot races in hopes of gaining the majority in the House or Senate.


While the House looks to be out of reach for the Democrats, Senate is very much in play. While there are Senate races in Wisconsin and Illinois that will most definitely flip from Republican to Democrat, the other races have significantly tightened as we head to Election Day. With GOP incumbent races in North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Missouri all neck-and-neck, the idea of Republicans keeping the Senate suddenly looks plausible, which is something you couldn’t say a few weeks ago.


Clinton’s email trouble has now become a conversation starter among many Senate Republicans in tight races, whether that becomes the “November Surprise” to change the tide of Senate races remains to be seen.



Who Does More Registered Voters Help?



Pollsters always talk about 2008 being the model year for voter turnout. If voter registration holds up for 2016, this election could very well break that number! Numerous states have reported a record number in voter registration, even beating numbers from 2008. For example, voter registration in Illinois reached 7.9 million this year; 100,000 more than it was in 2008. Combine that with the numbers coming in for early-voting and this election could have an impressive voter turnout.


The question arises, who would this influx in voter turnout help more? Almost anyone who follows politics would say more people voting always helps Democratic candidates. However, Donald Trump has continually talked about the “silent majority” in any poll that shows him losing the election.


Our stance on this is clear; more voters = Democratic win. But we’ll just have to wait and see.



Finally, Here’s a Compilation of Cute Puppy Videos


Because the light is at the end of the tunnel people, we’re almost there with putting this election behind us!



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