RIP to Legendary PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill


She died due to complications with cancer at 61.



PBS broke the news Monday that Gwen Ifill, veteran journalist and PBS NewsHour co-anchor, passed away at 61 due to complications with cancer. Here’s the press release from PBS’ NewsHour regarding Ifill’s passing.


“It is with extremely heavy hearts that we must share that our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill passed away this afternoon following several months of cancer treatment. She was surrounded by loving family and many friends whom we ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers.”


For those that don’t know, Ifill’s career was prolific in that she started out as a beat reporter for Baltimore Evening Sun and the Boston Herald American. She then became a national political reporter for the Washington Post and a White House correspondent for the New York Times. Soon after, she became an on-air correspondent for NBC News which eventually lead her broadcasting career to PBS as she became co-anchor for PBS’ NewsHour and the moderator for Washington Week.


During her career as a reporter, Ifill moderated multiple political debates, with most recently moderating the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debate for the Democratic presidential primaries. She even talked about her debate experiences at Colorado College earlier this year.



To be frank, Ifill might be one of the last – if not THE last – great “network journalists” that was still on air. With the news landscape constantly changing and in complete disarray at the moment, Ifill was one of the few old stalwarts that attacked news stories with a ferocity for finding the truth, yet brought a calming presence that made her a trustworthy figure for millions. In a time with such upheaval in American politics, her presence will be deeply missed.



(Photo Credit: PBS NewsHour)


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