Political Questions Regarding 2017? Then We Have Answers… Maybe


During the holidays, we decided to look into the year 2017 and we’re asking for your help.



December is generally a slow time in US politics. Congress isn’t in session and most people who follow politics take a break till the following year. So that’s when we had an idea.


Based on the various emails, questions, and comments we’ve got from many of you, we decided to do a string of write-ups that focus on 2017. As of this writing, potential topics range from Democratic “White Knight” Power Rankings to why fake news isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But as always, we could always use more topics and questions.


That’s where you guys come in!


Do you have a topic or question that you’d like us to discuss regarding 2017? There are two ways that you can send it to us.


  • The first would be to shoot us a quick email at contact[AT]thepostturtle[DOT]com with the phrase “In the Year 2017” somewhere in the subject title. (Just a quick FYI, shooting us an email basically guarantees we answer your question.)


  • However if you want the quickest and easiest way of asking us a question, just leave a comment below.


The idea here is to answer as many question as possible about the coming year, so as we begin to ponder them, ask away!





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4 Responses to Political Questions Regarding 2017? Then We Have Answers… Maybe

  1. Trump's Hair Piece

    How do Trump’s cabinet picks effect US policy going forward.

    Also who comes out as leader of the Democratic Party would be an interesting idea.

  2. Gene

    What do you think Trump’s executive orders will look like?

  3. Anonymous

    Trump’s infrastructure bill, yay or nay?

  4. Anonymous

    what do the democrats go from here? do they become more populist?

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