Political Ad Theater: The Ads in the Final Hours to Election Day


In the final hours till Election Day, for the Trump and Clinton campaigns, it’s all about controlling the narrative.



While we lunge headfirst into Election Day, the recent news cycle hasn’t been very kind for the Clinton campaign. Since the FBI had brought back the conversation back to Clinton’s emails once again, her campaign has tried to push back against this negative news cycle with new political ads.


Even though the FBI announced that they wouldn’t be charging Clinton with anything after they had checked the new batch of emails, considering Clinton had amassed an impressive war chest throughout the election cycle, these ads were going to run regardless. However, the number and variations of ads being aired nationally Clinton and her supporters have been very aggressive.


One of the ads that has gotten considerable press in the past few days is called “Daisy.”



“Daisy” makes the case that Trump isn’t suitable to become president, particularly pertaining to the fact that US presidents preside over the nation’s nuclear arsenal. It’s an argument that Clinton has made before and probably one of the campaign’s strongest. For supporters of Clinton’s campaign, Trump’s actions tend to be the presiding factor for many people to vote against him, so it would be only natural for the campaign to push that aspect.


The other ad that Clinton has been pushing the past few days has been the one titled “What He Believes.” In many cases it goes hand-in-hand with the campaign’s “Daisy” ad in showcasing the comments that Trump has said throughout his 2016 campaign.



These ads have saturated primetime television the past few days to counter last week’s news of the FBI reopening the Clinton email case. For the Clinton campaign, it has been all about controlling the message as we get closer to Election Day.


As for the Trump campaign and his supporters, they are taking the exact opposite approach. Here’s an ad from the pro-Trump super PAC, Future 45.




As we stated earlier, even though the FBI had recently announced they would not seek charges against Clinton, the above ad has gotten a $10 million ad push. Many voters view Clinton as dishonest and Trump supporters don’t want you to forget that. Hell, Future 45’s ad goes as far as to highlight similarities between Hillary Clinton and former disgraced president Richard Nixon.


Controlling the narrative is the biggest challenge in the final days of any election cycle. While the general electorate are most definitely annoyed by the bombardment of political ads the past few days, for both the Trump and Clinton campaign’s this is essentially their last chance to control the message before voters go to the polls.



(Video Credit: Trump for President’s YouTube Channel, Hillary Clinton’s YouTube Channel, and The Briefing’s YouTube Channel)


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