Hillary Clinton’s First Public Appearance After Her Election Loss


She goes back to where it all started, the Children’s Defense Fund.  



No one would blame Hillary Clinton for laying low after her 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump. Because losing a presidential election is hard, but losing it when you won the popular vote has to be devastating.


Last night Clinton took a break between walks in the woods and sulking with Al Gore to give a speech to the Children’s Defense Fund. For those that don’t know, Clinton has a long history with the organization as it was the first job she worked at out of law school back in 1973. During Clinton’s campaign, she brought up her time at the organization quite frequently and talked about how it shaped her worldview going forward.


As for the speech itself, Clinton talked about how the election loss is not the end and that everyone must overcome their disappointment. It’s an interesting speech that talks about how people can move forward in a Trump presidency, without directly referencing the incident itself. The speech isn’t long and worth a look.




(Video Credit: Good Karma’s YouTube Channel)


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