Your Jobs Report Mantra for September 2016


Much like the ocean waters, the US economy does not care for your time frame.



Here’s your mantra for the September 2016 Jobs Report:


“As those that seek economic enlightenment through gainful employment come out of the shadows, we must remember that fiscal serenity is slow and humbling process.”



In the last few months many fiscal chakras have felt off-center due to outside economic forces. Based on the latest Jobs Report, September looked to be no exception. As those looking for economic enlightenment came from the darkness of unemployment, the US’s unemployment rate raised to 5% in September. That however counteracts the 156,000 new jobs added by the US economy last month. So as this mixed economic outlook comes forth, our path to economic enlightenment also becomes rocky.


While our fiscal chakras seek for prosperity of the mind, we must not forget that layoffs are at a four-decade low, wages are steadily rising, and the flow of money is finally going through the US economy once again. Even though the estimated economic growth of 2016 is expected only to be 1.6% by the International Monetary Fund – the lowest estimate in five years – we must meditate on the fact that while the economy is not growing to our ideals, steady growth is still positive. Like tides crashing against a jagged rock, over time it too becomes smooth from the ocean’s insistence. The US economy is currently like the tide, slowly smoothing its jagged edges, one wave at a time.


Till the next jobs report, let us all meditate to the sounds of coins dropping in hopes of achieving economic nirvana.




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