Things to Watch for in Tonight’s Third Presidential Debate


Here’s to third time being the charm… for a civil debate based on the issues.



It’s hard to believe that Election Day is just under three weeks away! Yet at the same time, for how much of a dumpster fire this presidential contest has been, November 8th also seems like an eternity from now. That’s just the type of election year 2016 has been.


Regardless, the third (and final) presidential debate is happening tonight in Nevada. Yet while it’s hard to imagine anyone other than a certain red sweater wearing, Internet celebrity being undecided; the popular theory is that people will be tuning in more for the political clusterfuck that will ensue and less about the issues that should be discussed.


Everyone loves a train wreck…


Anyway, here’s what to expect in tonight’s third presidential debate.



The 5 W’s of Tonight’s Third Presidential Debate



Who: Presidential Nominees Hillary Clinton (Democratic) and Donald Trump (Republican) with Chris Wallace (Fox News) moderating.

What: The Third (and final) Presidential Debate

When: 9PM Eastern

Where: It’s happening in Las Vegas, Nevada at the University of Nevada’s Las Vegas campus. You can see the debate on any of the major networks and news networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, ect). If you’re one of those people that say “I don’t own a TV”; (1) stop that, you’re annoying everyone and (2) you can watch the debate online here.

Why: We honestly don’t know anymore…



Claims of a Rigged System

Since the last presidential debate, a lot has happened to the Trump campaign (women coming forward claiming sexual assault allegations, Trump publicly separating himself from the GOP, ect). Yet arguably the biggest development has to be Trump’s claim that the election process is “rigged against him.”


To be clear, that is an accusation not to be thrown around lightly. The very foundation of American democracy stands on the idea that the electoral process is fair and when a winner is called, the transfer of power is peaceful, along with the results being accepted by their political opponents.


For the last week or so, Trump has taken a sledge hammer to that foundation of American democracy.



With Trump claiming Hillary Clinton (along with those is the media) are deliberately creating an electoral system that is secretly working behind the scenes to destroy his campaign (in conjunction with the Obama administration, Department of Justice, and FBI), is not only INSANE (!!!), but incredibly destructive to the very idea of American democracy!


So the topic of a “rigged election” will most definitely be brought up tonight during the debate. The only questions are by whom, it what context, and how cringe worthy will it be when Trump starts mouthing off about it?



How Will Hillary Clinton Answer to the “Wikileaks Question?”


Due to the political implosion that is the Donald Trump campaign, the Wikileaks emails regarding Hillary Clinton have been buried in the 24-hour news cycle. This is a shame because in a normal election year, the info within those transcripts would raise some serious questions regarding Clinton, ranging from her stand on free trade agreements to her relationship with Wall Street firms.


In the last debate, when the question was brought up, Clinton tried to pivot out of it by claiming she was actually talking about the movie Lincoln. It didn’t get much press due to a presidential candidate actually threatening his opponent of putting them in jail! But now, even more information has come out, from Clinton’s internal campaign discussions to more comments regarding regulating Wall Street.


It’s pretty much guaranteed that questions regarding the Wikileaks documents will be addressed at Hillary Clinton tonight, whether they get talked about or not entirely depends on Donald Trump’s antics.



(Photo Credit: Commission on Presidential Debates Twitter)


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