The FBI to Look at Hillary Clinton’s Emails Once Again


We’re beginning to think the discussion of Clinton’s emails is the only constant in our universe…



For many conservatives, the conversation regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server was a talking point that many of them would consistently hit on in the media. For everyone else, including the FBI, the case had been officially closed and the political world was generally ready to move on from the whole ordeal.


Now however, that doesn’t look to be the case.


This afternoon, the FBI announced to congressional leaders that they would be investigating additional material to see if Hillary Clinton had emailed classified material from her private email server as Secretary of State. The New York Times is reporting that the additional material was discovered through the FBI’s investigation of Anthony Weiner for sexting a minor. Essentially the announcement would restart the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s emails, a case they ended back in July which brought no charges of wrongdoing to Clinton.


Ok, there’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s take this point-by-point:



  • Before we go any further with this, in all honesty, we really don’t know much about the situation other than the FBI found additional material regarding their Clinton email probe. In most instances, cases like these are reopened not due to the discovery of damning evidence, but because institutionally the FBI wants to cover their collective asses and make sure they scanned through all the evidence they found. Considering Clinton’s emails have been such a hot button issue in the 2016 election, most people are surprised FBI Director James Comey announced the news so nonchalantly without more information on the matter. In the end, it wouldn’t be that surprising if how the news was released did more damage to the Clinton campaign, than what was found in the additional material.


  • Still considering we’re only two weeks away from Election Day, this is pretty major news! We still don’t know if voters will look at this and think it’s “grab them by the pussy” big, but it’s still big news never the less. An announcement like this can change the momentum in a presidential election that was looking to be a major Clinton victory!


  • This tweet from Donald Trump’s campaign manager basically sums up the feelings of his campaign at the moment!


  • Another thing about the Trump campaign, if you needed a news story that would essentially stop the death spiral that your campaign has been on in the past month, the FBI announcing they’re going to look at additional material relating to Hillary Clinton’s private email server couldn’t be better news!


  • Finally, I think we should recognize the irony of all this considering it came from the FBI investigating Anthony Weiner’s sexting.


The lesson here, every time you think you got the 2016 presidential election basically figured out, it throws you a curve ball. The next two weeks should be interesting.



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