Political Ad Theater: Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way Forward” Ad


Hold on, the main pillar of Republicanism is fiscal conservatism and not crazy rants?! Someone should really let Donald Trump know.



In an election cycle where the crazy things Donald Trump says are the de facto message of the Republican Party, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way Forward” political ad almost seems nostalgic in a weird way. Speaker Ryan’s ad is a call back to the types of GOP ads we’re used to seeing tying fiscal conservatism to everyday issues. Yet it’s a strategy that many other House Republicans have also taken to heart, but not because they wanted to, it’s that they had to.


While many within the GOP are trying to distance themselves from Trump – some even going to such great lengths as keeping their party affiliation vague – other’s like Speaker Ryan are too connected with the Republican brand to separate themselves in that way, so their only option is to change the idea of what being a Republican means in 2016. It’s a strategy that is almost impossible considering how much Congressional Democrats like to remind voters that Donald Trump and many GOP incumbents come from the same party.


Then again, there aren’t many good options here, trying to take back “what it means to be Republican” is probably their best bet.




(Video Credit: Paul Ryan’s YouTube Page)


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