Political Ad Theater: Kelly Ayotte “Standing Up” Ad


“Let us talk about my political gaffe, without actually acknowledging it!” – Sen. Kelly Ayotte



Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte is in a real tough battle for her New Hampshire Senate seat in 2016. Like with all Democrats that are running against Republican incumbents, Sen. Ayotte’s opponent – Maggie Hassan – has tried to tie her and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in every opportunity. All the while Sen. Ayotte has tried to distance herself from Trump in every way possible, however a recent gaffe has made that all the more difficult:



As you can see, the gaffe of Sen. Ayotte saying she would “absolutely” tell a child to be like Donald Trump has gotten serious press coverage. Some are even comparing it to the infamous Rick Perry “oops” gaffe from a few years ago. While we definitely don’t think it’s that bad of a political misstep, but for someone who’s trying to distance themselves from the Trump campaign as much as possible, the above video definitely didn’t help matters.


Taking all that into account, you should look at Sen. Ayotte’s new “Standing Up” ad as essentially damage control from her campaign by acknowledging the “Absolutely” gaffe, without directly acknowledging it. She’s essentially trying to hit the reset button and reintroduce herself to New Hampshire voters. The problem is considering we’re this late into the election cycle, hitting the reset button successfully looks to be highly unlikely. While not killing her chances, her gaffe puts her on the defense, which is never good for an incumbent politician.



(Video Credit: Kelly Ayotte for New Hampshire’s YouTube Channel)


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