Political Ad Theater: Hillary Clinton’s “Doug” Ad


You know your campaign isn’t doing too well when your opponent decides make a play at your base…  



Let’s not sugar coat anything here, Donald Trump’s campaign is in a tailspin at the moment. With a multitude of high-ranking Republicans currently dropping their endorsement and him bleeding voters at a rapid rate in the polls, there are some Republicans that might be reconsidering their vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton knows that all too well.


Yesterday the Clinton campaign released an ad titled “Doug.” In the ad a man named Douglas Elmets recounts how he has been a lifelong Republican voter, even going as far as working for the Regan administration in the 1980’s. The ad goes on as Elmets says he won’t be voting for Donald Trump and will be placing his vote for Hillary Clinton instead.


The ad is an interesting outreach to moderate Republicans from the Clinton campaign. In many ways it plays into the strategy of the Clinton campaign wanting to attract white-working class voters, a major chunk of Trump’s base. Specifically, the ad is airing in Philadelphia, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, and other battleground states. With many voters rethinking their vote for Trump after the Access Hollywood tape got leaked last Friday, an ad like this from the Clinton camp makes a lot of sense.



(Video Credit: All Political Ads YouTube Channel)


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