Political Ad Theater: Hillary Clinton’s “Bryce” Ad


In a normal election year, Clinton’s anti-bullying push might have seemed unnecessary, but in 2016 it looks to be the underlining thesis of her campaign.



It’s undeniable that Donald Trump has created a persona throughout his 2016 presidential run; and to some, that is of a bully. While many of his supporters have latched onto his “tough talk”, he has just as equally turned-off many people with his tough guy persona. All the while, Clinton has made Trump’s own words her rallying cry in 2016.


In her new political ad “Bryce”, the Clinton campaign tries to further their claim of Trump’s talking points marginalizing large swaths of the American public. In this case, she claims his language hurts those with disabilities. With the bad news about the FBI looking into Clinton’s emails once again, the campaign hopes that Trump’s own words can continue to be his undoing.



(Video Credit: Hillary Clinton’s YouTube Channel)


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