Political Ad Theater: Donald Trump’s “Dangerous” Ad


How this ad is a big reflection of not only Donald Trump’s strategy going forward, but of what “the shackles are off” really means.



We’re just going to say it. Unless something completely out of left-field comes out in the next 26 days – which in this election cycle, we aren’t ruling out – Donald Trump is going to lose this election. Between the leaked video of him saying he could sexually assault women because “he’s famous” and the multitude of women coming forward saying Trump had sexually assaulted them to a certain degree. This has lead Trump to become a bit unhinged.



In the last week, the Trump campaign has been all over the place, going as far as blaming the Republican Party – even though he’s the party’s nominee (!!) – for his recent political skid to saying there’s a conspiracy perpetrated by the media to destroy him.


So yeah… it’s gotten weird…


That leads us to the newest political ad from the Trump campaign. If there was an aesthetic that the campaign has been portraying ever since Trump “took off the shackles”, this recent political ad titled “Dangerous” encompasses just that. It’s a strange ad, that tries to push the narrative of ISIS taking control of the whole world and then goes on to question Clinton’s overall health. This is a video you would expect to see on some fringe YouTube site and not from a presidential campaign.


I think we speak for everybody when we say, this campaign season can’t be over soon enough.



(Video Credit: Team Trump’s YouTube Channel)


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