About Last Night: The Third Presidential Debate


We’re one step closer to it being over and let’s make a pact that after November 8th, we’ll never speak of this election ever again!



So here we are, the last presidential debate of this election cycle. Unlike the last few debates, this one actually talked about policy in a way the other debates hadn’t before. But like the other debates before it, the news cycle justly concentrated on shit Donald Trump said. And believe us, he said some crazy shit! Here’s our rundown of last night’s third (and thank God FINAL) presidential debate!    



Let’s Get One Thing Straight…


That exchange above should freak everyone out!


One of the literal bedrocks of an American democracy revolve around the idea that elections in the US are legitimate. Donald Trump in the above clip essentially did this to the idea of American democracy:




And listen, our current system is by no means perfect. There is a legitimate list of grievances with the electoral process that needs to be addressed (how money and political connections effect races, the disenfranchisement of voter ID laws, state redistricting practices, ect.). However, there’s a MASSIVE difference between having legitimate grievances with the electoral process and essentially saying the whole system is illegitimate! What Donald Trump said last night is both incredibly irresponsible and REALLY FUCKING DANGEROUS!!! One of the key aspects of the US democratic process is the peaceful transition of power. Trump’s comments jeopardize that.


So this morning, we’re hoping he would walk those comments back.





That’s Not How It Works Either!!!!


Your 2016 presidential election folks!






One of the bigger news stories that has been put in the backburner are Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks emails, which to be honest aren’t as scandalous as some say, but in a normal election year, these leaked documents would have been newsworthy. Granted these documents don’t say anything we didn’t already know, but they do back-up aspects of Hillary Clinton’s political history that voters find questionable (her ties to Wall Street, history of backing past free trade deals, the close ties with Clinton Foundation donors while she was Secretary of State, ect).


So last night when she was pressed on these questions, usually her explanations would have made bigger news.



But as you may have guessed, someone trying to unravel the very fabric of American democracy takes precedence over the things that are in the Wikileaks documents. That’s a shame, because there are legitimate questions in the Wikileaks documents that Clinton should be held accountable for.


Ideally in a presidential contest, candidates should face the toughest scrutiny from both the media and general electorate. That way you not only have better presidential contests, but more importantly a better understanding of what the core beliefs of a candidate actually are. Throughout the night, there were legitimate times Trump could have questioned Clinton on some of her answers.



Instead he tried to challenge her with random accusations and half-truths. There are a laundry list of reasons why voters should be angry at Donald Trump for how he has conducted his campaign, but one of the biggest grievances we all should have is how he took away our power to properly vet Hillary Clinton as a presidential nominee. The problem is comparing the Wikileaks documents to things Trump has said or done throughout his campaign is like comparing a broken water heater to a massive gas leak in your house. Sure a broken water heater is something that needs to be looked at, but we can all agree that a gas leak always takes priority because it can KILL YOU!!!


It’s become pretty obvious that Clinton is winning this presidential contest, unless something insane happens from now till Election Day. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, Clinton never really had a moment where she was held accountable to voters that had major grievances regarding certain parts of her political record.


No matter what side of the party lines you fall on, that’s a loss for everyone involved.



In That Case Wouldn’t Trump Have to Call Her “Ms. Clinton?”


Or does Trump have to be the “nasty” one for that to apply?







Guys, I Think We’re Forgetting Something


Fun Fact: We had three straight presidential debates without a single question regarding climate change! Ok, less of a “fun fact” and more like a massive oversight!


It’s getting harder and harder to say that climate change isn’t the most important issue when it comes to policy talk dealing with the environment. So even though all the moderators did a great job, not having a single climate change question was easily one of the biggest oversights of the three presidential debates!



Finally, Describe the Three Presidential Debate in a Single Tweet


Yup, that basically sums it up!



(Photo Credits: PBS News Hour’s YouTube Video [Screen Cap])


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