About Last Night: The Second Presidential Debate


Finding the significance and importance in the dumpster dive that was the second presidential town hall debate.  



Calling the last 72-hours in American politics insane would be a like calling the Hindenburg an unfortunate aerial mishap. Last night’s presidential debate was a microcosm of the past 72-hours, in that there was so much information being mixed with copious amounts of bullshit that it’s hard to separate what you need to know from what you don’t. So let’s go down the list of what was “significant and important” from last night’s presidential debate.



  • Obviously the night started off with questions regarding the recent leaked Access Hollywood video of Trump bragging about being able to grope women and get away with it because he’s famous. Throughout the debate Trump tried everything from reflecting the question back to Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct to just brushing it off as “locker room talk.” In nowhere, when he answered the question, did he apologize or show remorse for the video. The video of Trump and his response to the video last night was extremely significant and important.






  • A question was asked about Hillary Clinton’s email server for the millionth time. And for the millionth time she gave the same stock answer to that question (I’m sorry, I made a mistake on my part… yadda… yadda… yadda). In the context of what has happened during the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s emails is no longer significant and important.



  • Clinton was also asked about her leaked speeches to Wall Street. Her answer didn’t really address anything regarding those speeches. While the Wall Street speeches will be glossed over due to the burning dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump campaign, the fact that she expresses support for free trade deals in those speeches – even though she continues to say she’s against the Trans-Pacific Partnership – should be significant and important.




  • One of the key characteristics that separates the US from counties like Russia and China is that the US doesn’t jail political opponents once a ruling party gets into power. Donald Trump last night promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail if he were to be president. THAT IS INCREDIBLY SIGNIFICANT AND IMPORTANT!!!




  • The responses from both candidates on healthcare were weak at worst or confusing at best. Clinton spent most of the night trying to explain the idiosyncrasies of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and how she would help improve the program. Her explanation showed how healthcare has become so complicated in understanding the basics of the US system. While Trump explaining how he would “abolish Obamacare” and implement his own system, yet clearly showing he knows the buzzwords related to the US healthcare system but not know how the actual system works was hard to watch. So the state of healthcare in the US may not be significant in this election, but it’s most definitely important!




  • Ok seriously, how are undecided voters still a thing this late in the election cycle!! Between the Grand Canyon like gulf between Trump and Clinton’s political policies and the political bases they try to attract, independent voters should have a really good idea of who the candidates are at this point! Yet, our electoral system tends to be decided on those that are the least politically savvy. For that reason, undecided voters will always be significant and important.



  • Speaking of undecided voters, a legend was born last night, and his name was Ken Bone. #WelcomeToTheBoneZone






  • Just in case if you were wondering – while more pleasant than last night’s debate – Ken Bone is not significant or important.



  • Plus, we would argue this women was the real MVP of the night!




  • A Muslim American women asked Donald Trump about what he would do to curb Islamophobia in the US. He answered by answering an Islamophobia question with “that’s a shame” then providing an Islamophobic answer saying; Muslims should do more in reporting terrorist attacks and that we should start using the phrase “radical Islamic terror.” Trump’s answer to that young woman’s question was significant and important.



  • CBS’s Bob Schieffer spitting HOT FIRE (!!!) about the current state of the 2016 presidential election is both significant and important!




  • Trump’s comments regarding Syria were strange, misguided, and to be perfectly frank, just awful. While in the US, there may be political differences on how we should handle the Civil War in Syria, however there is very little debate that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad gets the majority of the blame for the over 400,000 people killed and over 5 million refugees displaced. So it was strange that Trump actually said while he doesn’t like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. When Martha Raddatz – who co-moderated last night’s debate – pushed Trump on the issue, he just seemed to dig his heels in deeper going with the idea that Assad is at least killing ISIS and completely ignoring humanitarian catastrophe Assad has created! The exchange between Trump and Raddatz over Syria was very significant and important.




  • This tweet tells you everything you need to know about the state of American politics, why the GOP is still sticking with Trump even after the last 72 hours, and why the Republican Party is in the state that it’s in. While incredibly depressing, this tweet is significant and important.




Please Bone, Take Us With You!



Hey, at least someone gets to walk away from this train wreck happy…



(Photo Credit: PBS News Hour’s YouTube Channel)


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