Your Jobs Report Mantra for August 2016

Meditation August Jobs Report

Economic roadblocks only exist, if you allow them to exist.



Here’s your mantra for the July 2016 Jobs Report:


“Even though darkening clouds are present, our fiscal chakras should always be steady, embracing the separated strands of fiscal light.”




For those searching for economic enlightenment, August 2016’s Jobs Report might look concerning, but once we clear our minds and let the numbers come into our consciousness, suddenly the truth reveals itself. In the month of August, the US economy added a solid 151,000 jobs, with the unemployment rate still at 4.9%.


While many economists have their minds clouded with negative energy since last month’s jobs numbers came just short of original estimates, we must remember that every step toward the opening of our economic chakras is a positive one. It’s always important to remember, even though the reality didn’t meet our expectations, the numbers revealed that economic recovery hasn’t been derailed. Thus, we must not look at August’s Jobs Report as just a minor bump in the road on our way to economic enlightenment!


Now let us all concentrate on the sounds of a cash register in hopes of opening our third fiscal eye.




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