Why Donald Trump’s Wall on the Mexican Border is a Political “Fugazi”

The Wall

“Fugayzi, fugazi. It’s a whazy. It’s a woozie. It’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It’s never landed. It is no matter. It’s not on the elemental chart.”



Donald Trump has made the fact that he’s building a wall on the Mexican border the cornerstone of his immigration plan. He talks about it whenever he can on political talk shows and uses it as a rallying call at his campaign stops.



The idea of the wall has become a symbol of not only Trump’s immigration policy, but what his campaign stands for; needing big (almost impossible) ideas to solve problems that many traditionally feel need a more nuanced approach. Yet the dirty little secret of Trump’s biggest campaign promise; that wall will never be built.


And when we mean “never”, we mean…


Taylor Swift Never


For example, here are the hurdles that a Donald Trump presidency would have to clear for Trump’s wall to be built:



  • For the wall on the Mexican border to be built, it needs to have Congressional approval. That means a bill would have to be introduced in either the House or Senate. Considering after this election cycle a Democratic Senate is more than likely, a Democratically controlled Senate would have to pass it with a simple majority (more than half). So yeah… that’s not happening. In the Senate, Trump’s “Wall Bill” would die almost immediately.


  • Now if you’re thinking, what about the GOP House, Trump could introduce the bill there? Well, it looks like a Trump presidency is out of luck in that situation as well. Multiple sources have reported that top House Republican aides say that legislation on building a wall on the Mexican border would immediately be dead on arrival. Which makes sense considering Congress has a hard enough time passing infrastructure projects that usually pertain to such crucial repair of various crumbling highways and bridges. Billions of dollars being given to a wall on the Mexican border just looks to be inconceivable no matter how you look at it.


  • Now in the above examples, we assume the wall would already be paid for by Mexico. But as Mexico has insisted over-and-over again, it’s not paying for the wall. A quick note, building a wall that would sprawl across the US-Mexican border would be costly, no matter if you’re using Trump’s figure of between $10-12 billion or the Washington Post’s figure of $25 billion. So yes, even though we really aren’t taking “who’ll pay for the wall” into consideration, understand that money is still an important factor in this entire process.



So yeah, the thing isn’t getting built. By the way, that isn’t an opinion, that’s just the cold hard truth of the matter. So why would Donald Trump continually hark on the idea, even if it’s impossible?


While it would be easy to just brush the talk of the wall as just political rhetoric, in reality “The Wall” in the Trump campaign means something to his supporters, similar to how free college meant something to Bernie Sanders supporters during the Democratic Primaries.


Similar to Sanders’ promise of free college, Trump’s wall proposal is just that; a proposal. With little to no policy detail of how it would actually become a reality, talk of the wall has always been used as a rallying cry to succinctly surmise Trump’s immigration platform. In many ways, Trump’s talk of the wall is a political fugazi!


You remember the term “fugazi”, right? If you’ve forgotten, let Matthew McConaughey’s character from Wolf of Wall Street give you a refresher.



Now in the above clip, replace the words “investors” and “money” with “supporters” and “votes.” Now suddenly, a very complex idea of immigration reform can be summarized in a three-word-chant; “BUILD THAT WALL!” Trump talking about building the wall gives an impossible idea (a simple solution to immigration reform) a tangible symbol for his supporters to latch onto (Trump’s Wall).


The trick of Trump – and to be fair every politician in the existence of human history – is never to make these types of ideas real. Like McConaughey’s character says, “Fugayzi, fugazi. It’s a whazy. It’s a woozie. It’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist.” Because once the idea gets put into motion and the reality of the situation comes together, it all falls apart due to its details (who’ll pay for the wall, how it’ll pass Congress, how to bring together a massive project like this, and ect). In reality this isn’t just a vapid talking point, but an idea that becomes stronger when continuously talked about.


Still it’s important to realize what Trump’s wall proposal actually is; absolutely nothing.



Because giving validation to that idea, just makes it that much more credible.



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