Want Us to Weigh-In on a 2016 General Elections Topic? Just Ask!


Ever had a question or wanted us to comment on a topic regarding the 2016 elections? Well, today’s your lucky day!



As we enter the home stretch of the 2016 elections, we’ve been getting requests to comment on a variety of issues that have sprouted up during this this election cycle. Questions like:


  • Do you think millennials appeal to Hillary Clinton?

  • How has a Donald Trump presidential run affected specific Senate and House races?

  • Can a third party candidate really shake things up this election cycle?

  • Something something emails something Hillary Clinton something something?


While these questions are interesting, some of them aren’t big enough (or too specific) to dedicate an entire feature to. So that gave us an idea. Next Monday we will start a series of short articles called 50 Thoughts, 50 Days. Each day till November 8, we intend on posting a short thought in regards the 2016 general elections. In many ways, we hope that the series can act as a platform for answering the smaller questions that we get on a regular basis.


Even though we have a pretty lengthy list of questions and thoughts that we’d like to answer, we could always use more. So if you have anything that you would like us to answer you can either leave it in the comments section below or email it to us at contact[AT]thepostturtle.com, with “50 Thoughts, 50 Days” as the title.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you guys!



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10 Responses to Want Us to Weigh-In on a 2016 General Elections Topic? Just Ask!

  1. Anonymous

    Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to run for office?

  2. Todd

    I hear people who are voting for Gary Johnson are coming from potential Clinton voters. Is this true???

  3. Anonymous

    With the new poll numbers having Clinton with a slight lead, but with Trump catching up, could you see him not debate? Because everyone thinks Trump will do badly in the debates.

  4. Anonymous

    Why are Bernie Bros going for Gary Johnson?

  5. Sarah

    You think the media has been fair to Hillary or has there been elements of sexism in play?

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  7. Trump's Hair Piece

    With both candidates having record low numbers in people wanting to vote for them, do you guys see low voter turnout in 2016?

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