True, False, or Tralse: Hillary Clinton’s Health


Only with Hillary Clinton does a chest cold become a political talking point!



We’ve only done a couple of “True, False, or Tralse” features on this site, but we never thought “the Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy” would be one that we’d need tackle. But after getting an avalanche of questions about it this week, we figured that looking into it wouldn’t hurt.



The Claim:


For a while now, Hillary Clinton’s health issues were fodder for Right-Wing message boards and Alex Jones videos. Many had claimed that Clinton was secretly hiding a serious illness, that when found out, would make her ineligible to run for president. When most people heard this conspiracy theory, they had this reaction.




To everyone else, the claims were always perceived as nonsense. But then last weekend her campaign announced that she would be canceling speaking events this week due to illness and more importantly, this video surfaced…



Suddenly a Right-Wing conspiracy started to gain legitimacy with mainstream outlets. Many have now wondered whether Clinton is healthy enough to stand not only the campaign trail, but the demands of the presidency!


So is Hillary Clinton hiding a more serious illness?



The Facts:


Now before we get into the real meat of this, it’s important to realize that most pundits who have talked or written about Clinton’s illness this week AREN’T REAL DOCTORS!!! So in our case, we have to base our conclusion, on the assumption, that the doctor isn’t going to willingly lie to us about Clinton’s prognosis. With all that said, here’s the written statement from Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, MD – aka Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor – about her illness from this weekend.



From someone who doesn’t have a medical license, the reasoning here seems legit. Presidential campaigns are long and arduous, whether candidates admit it or not, they get sick on the campaign trail. So it wouldn’t be out of the question that a candidate to get something like pneumonia; a very treatable, common illness. Add that to the fact that Clinton supposedly hates drinking water on the campaign trail and dizziness due to dehydration sounds plausible enough.


But the idea that she’s secretly hiding a serious illness, just sounds absurd! With cameras on Clinton 24/7, you would notice if there was something more serious going on. But to be fair, Clinton’s penchant for privacy definitely didn’t help matters in curbing crazy conspiracy theories about her health.


Yet many had overblown Clinton’s condition even before this weekend’s illness and it’s pretty unlikely that their questions over Clinton’s health will stop with her doctor’s press release. If anything, the fainting video has just emboldened that group even more!


But based on what her doctor said however, there’s no reason to think her fainting was caused by anything else other than dehydration due to her being sick. So in terms of Hillary Clinton hiding a more serious illness, our verdict is…



Verdict: FALSE!!!



(Photo Credits: National Enquirer, Google Images)



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  1. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the body double truthers to descend on this site…

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t believe she has a body double or anything crazy like that but its hard to deny that her stamina is not affected by constantly campaigning.

  3. Sarah

    Wake me up when this BS sexism is over.

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