On the Issues: Where the Candidates Stand on Bringing in Syrian Refugees


Before you ask, no Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to turn the US into a refugee state…



So after our piece on the chances of a Syrian refugee carrying out a terrorist attack – spoiler: it’s about 1 in 3 billion – we started getting questions on where both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the issue of bringing in Syrian refugees. So based on past stump speeches and some research, we tried to show a fair look at what each candidate on the topic.



Donald Trump’s Stance


As the above clip basically states, Donald Trump’s views on Syrian refugees are pretty straight forward; he doesn’t want them entering the US. His stance has been that refugees from the Middle-East (ie Muslim nations) pose a very serious threat to national security.


Trump has pushed for a variety of measures including “extreme vetting”, ideological screenings, and placing a temporary ban on those wanting to enter the US from the Middle-East. He’s also stressed that Middle-Eastern countries have to step-up and take in more refugees, even though countries like Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia already do.  Trump’s main suggestion with the Syrian refugee crisis revolves around creating safe zones in Middle-Eastern countries for those wanting to flee the violence of the region. So far he’s proposed that Middle-Eastern countries should take the brunt of financing these safe zones as well.



Hillary Clinton’s Stance


As you may have guessed, Hillary Clinton has a completely different plan for taking on the Syrian refugee crisis. In the past she has asked for an increase in the number of Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 65,000 each year. Or as Donald Trump likes to point out, a 550% increase on bringing in Syrian refugees. While Clinton insists that the multi-year vetting process for the entrance of refugees should remain, she feels however additional roadblocks in that process wouldn’t be helpful.


While this might sound like Clinton is directly asking the US to take in the brunt of the Syrian refugees, compared to other Western nations, her proposal is still behind the curb. As Germany has taken in the brunt of refugees (in terms of allowing them to migrate into Western countries), Clinton’s claim of increasing refugee numbers to the US would put it in the realm of Canada; where their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has lead the charge to accept 30,000 Syrian immigrants, with another 15,000 more coming by the end of the year.



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