Your Jobs Report Mantra for July 2016

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This month we question the true nature of progress.



Here’s your mantra for the July 2016 Jobs Report:


“Reaching economic nirvana, means questioning what progress really is.”




As our minds try to achieve a state of fiscal peace, it’s only natural that we question the very nature of change. The positive energies of the universe in July came together to give us a strong July Jobs Report with 255,000 new jobs added in July. Even with such strong job growth, many minds continue to look at stagnant unemployment which remains around 5%. However, we should not concern ourselves with such thoughts.


The road to economic enlightenment is slow and steady. Even though unemployment continues to hover around 5% due to more individuals entering the job market each month, our fiscal chakras should not be put off-center due to such news. Much like a caterpillar that slumbers in its cocoon before emerging as a butterfly, economic progress maybe slow, but it’s progress never the less.


So let’s not let our minds wander into negativity, growth is always positive. Unless this becomes a theme for a long stretch of time, but we will face those turbulent waters when we get to them. For now, let’s mediate on the sound of coins dropping from the sky.




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