The Donald Trump Conundrum

Donlad Trump

In the last 72 hours, the GOP has found themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Donald Trump.



In the past 72 hours, Trump has essentially looked to actively try and not win the general election with his actions. Here’s just a taste of what he has done in the past week.



  • Continued to insult the parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq while on duty back in 2004, after their DNC speech last week.




  • This tweet:


  • After a veteran gifted him a replica Purple Heart, Donald Trump claimed earning it this way was much easier. (FYI It’s generally accepted that Donald Trump was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War.)


  • Got visibly upset that a baby would not stop crying at his campaign rally, ended up kicking the baby out.



So yeah… it’s been a rough 72 hours for the GOP.


Because of Trump’s actions in the past few days, there has been this popular idea floating around about how the GOP could potentially oust Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee! While it’s a nice fantasy, in actuality…


Lana Nope


It’s not happening.


Currently there aren’t any rules in place by either political party for removing a nominee after they had officially been given the nomination at their respective convention. After all, why would you? You just went through a multi-month process of nominating someone to be your party’s pick, why would you have buyer’s remorse now?


Then again, no political party had to deal someone like Donald Trump!


Also let’s not forget, this entire process is built on legitimacy. If you go against the will of the people – Trump won the GOP primaries by a pretty wide margin – you risk of damaging voter trust for a whole generation. Think about it, why would you vote for a GOP candidate in the primaries if party officials are just going to do whatever they want anyway?


Ousting him would essentially shake that foundation!


Yet, even if we went through with this absurd premise and assume that the Republican National Committee, decides to remove Trump as their presidential nominee, by the use of creating new rules and absolutely destroying voter trust in the process; now what? Who do you give the nomination to? Ted Cruz was the closest to Trump in raw numbers. While the GOP would look at Cruz as an upgrade, he’s still a political outsider with very few friends within the GOP elite. In other words, the GOP would be in the same boat, but only this time they alienated Trump’s voting base making it less likely to capture the presidency.


This then leaves Republicans, who don’t want to back Trump, with two realistic options.



Option 1: They could still back Republican nominees in other electoral contests, but not endorse Trump as a presidential candidate. This has been the strategy for many Republican incumbents in tight House and Senate races like Kelly Ayotte and Mark Kirk. For both of them to even have a chance at regaining their senate seats, they’ll have to distance themselves from the GOP this election cycle.


Option 2: Also there is a bolder move here that no one is talking about; putting their support behind the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson! Well, before you scoff at it, hear us out! Being a former GOP officeholder – he was once governor of New Mexico – Johnson has credibility among conservatives (even though on abortion, he is pro-choice). Regardless as a fiscal conservative, he’d be a more reliable voice than Trump in the White House.



In reality however, if Republicans want to distance themselves from Trump, Option 1 is the only real choice here. While theoretically Option 2 does make some sense, going to another party and backing their candidate would make you a pariah within the GOP. And as they say about third party candidates:



Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, puts the entire GOP in a rough situation. Basically for for Republicans this election cycle, there are no good options.


Donald Trump


Actually, all this is bad news only if you’re a Republican.



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