About Last Night: The Last of the Local Primaries

Schultz and Clinton

Yes, something other than Donald Trump going to Mexico happened last night.



Yesterday, this story dominated the news cycle.



Let’s slow our roll there Jeffrey Lord, but yeah, of course Donald Trump visiting Mexico will take over the national conversation. So you’d be forgiven for not realizing local primaries were still going on in Florida and Arizona. Considering there were some big names in both primaries, we figured that we should take a look at the more talked about races.



The Inevitability of It All


Debbie Wasserman Schultz was always going to win her primary contest against Tim Canova, a law professor who had the backing of Bernie Sanders and his network of supporters. Yes, we remember what we said about this race. But after coming down from the intoxicating highs of those Bernie-or-Bust fumes, you start looking at the primary race and realize Schultz always had this in the bag.


Now granted, Canova had raised $1.7 million through small donation methods and Sanders supporters did chip in through phone banking, but that didn’t fix the Canova’s underlining problem; people genuinely liked Schultz in their district! Remember, Clinton handily beat Sanders during the Democratic primaries in that area. Based on some of the tweets we saw today,


Whether Floridians were feeling the Bern (or maybe not at all), in hindsight Canova never really had a chance. The race was always Schultz’s to lose.



Sucks to Be You Right Now: The Marco Rubio/John McCain Story

Beyonce Sucks to Be You


Yup, Queen-B is right!


If you’re a down vote incumbent Republican running in 2016, then God bless; because you have SO. MUCH. going against you this election! Whether it’s the fact that Donald Trump has single handily made anyone associated with the Republican Party unelectable to large swaths of the electorate or the “Washington Establishment” types not being in vogue this election cycle, it’s a tough go around for any incumbent Republican.


Just ask Senators Marco Rubio or John McCain.


A few years ago, the idea that either Rubio or McCain would have trouble holding onto their senate seats seemed preposterous. Now, it’s not necessarily out of the picture. Last night in the Arizona and Florida primaries, both survived their respective primary contests as GOP voters reelected both Rubio and McCain as their senatorial nominees.


However, the real battle is still on the horizon. Both Rubio and McCain face general election challengers that not only have strong backing of the Democratic Party, but are well-financed enough to be more than legitimate threats. If there’s a silver-lining to both of their campaigns, it’s that publically, they’ve distanced themselves considerably from Trump.


With McCain and Trump’s feud relatively well known at this point and no love lost between Rubio and Trump from the GOP primaries, their distancing from the GOP presidential candidate could end up being an advantage for them come November. Which is good, because as both of their reelection chances stand, they sure could use all the help they can get…



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