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Because we know you have questions on the RNC. Well fear not, we have the answers! Well, eventually we’ll have the answers anyway…



Welcome to our catch-all Republican National Convention post! If you’re looking for RNC coverage from us, then you came to the right place!


About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 4)

Let Donald Trump tell you Mad Max world we live in.


Who the Hell is… Mike Pence?

Get to know Donald Trump’s EXTREMELY socially conservative VP. 


About Last Night: Republican National Convention (Day 3)

It’s all about Ted Cruz and Day 4 betting lines!


The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Betting Guide (Day 3)

Call your bookie because the TPT’s Day 3 betting lines are now open!


About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 2)

We talk about how jailing Hillary Clinton will create jobs, no one cares about what Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has to say, and Third Eye Blind being the biggest trolls in our Day 2 look-back at the RNC!   


The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Betting Guide (Day 2)

We open up the betting lines again for Night 2 of the GOP convention.


About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 1)

Between claims of plagiarism, nationalism being to the point of uncomfortable, claims of White people being SUPER BOSS, and WWE style presidential entrances, there’s a lot to rundown on the first day of the RNC! 


The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Primetime Betting Guide (Day 1)

For all you gambling degenerates out there, here is the official TPT betting guide for night 1. 


#NeverTrump’s Last Stand

How the #NeverTrump Movement could make life difficult for the RNC in the convention’s opening moments. [UPDATE: We included the commotion on the RNC floor in the story.] 


Donald Trump Picks Mike Pence as His VP

Some initial thoughts on Donald Trump choosing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his presidential running mate.


Political Ad Theater: Hillary Clinton’s “Mike Pence” Ad

Say what you will about the Hillary Clinton campaign, but when it comes to creating attack ads, they are on it!!



Make sure to check back periodically throughout the week for our RNC coverage!


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