Your Jobs Report Mantra for June 2016


Our chakras are fiscally centered once again!



Here’s your mantra for the June 2016 Jobs Report:


“As an economic storm passes, jobs begin to bloom and our fiscal chakras are centered once again.”   



After our minds became troubled with the May 2016 Jobs Report, we have become one with the financial resources once again with June’s Job Report numbers. Our collective minds were at peace. With the US economy adding 287,000 jobs in June, the road to economic nirvana has revealed itself. For those who haven’t yet opened their third-eye, if the US economy gains around 200,000 new jobs on any given month, it creates a cosmic euphoria among believers that the economy is generally strong.


Yet like the ebb and flow of a thunderstorm, which the rain nourishes the soil yet brings the fury that ravages the land, the June 2016 Jobs Report does the same. With the drastic improvement in job growth came the small rise in unemployment from 4.7% to 4.9%. However, we should not disturb our serenity with such thoughts! As more individuals come out of the shadows to seek economic enlightenment through the search of long-term employment, the slight bump in the unemployment numbers is only natural.


Regardless, the May 2016 Jobs Report ended up being a stint of bad karma in the road to economic enlightenment. June has showed us that our fiscal chakras are aligned and it is possible to remain on this path of fiscal serenity.


Now let us meditate on the NYSE opening bell until next month.




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    This might be my favorite feature on this site, just because of the ridiculousness of the premise. LOL

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