The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Betting Guide (Day 3)

Betting Lines Day 3

Our Day 3 betting lines for your gambling needs!





  • Michelle Van Etten’s talk will suddenly turn into a late-night infomercial on nutritional supplements (4:1)

  • [SIDE BET] During Etten’s infomercial she’ll bring out a crazed Alex Jones proclaiming that “he has more energy than he knows what to do with thanks to these supplements”, which then he goes into great detail on how he killed a fawn in the woods with his bare hands before running over here. (3:1)

  • Darrell Scott will boast record high enrollment for his new group – Minorities for Trump – proclaiming they are only nine people away from reaching double digits! (11:1)

  • After listening to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s speech, the entire population of Madison, Wisc. will Google the question, “how to become a city state?” (2:1)

  • During his speech, Newt Gingrich will unveil his new venture “Newt’s Muslim Test” and demonstrate it on the convention floor. (20:1)

  • It will be revealed that the only way the RNC was able to get a video message from Sen. Marco Rubio was telling him it’s a video message congratulating a former staffer named “Ronald Thump” (2:1)



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