The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Betting Guide (Day 2)

Betting Odds

The TPT betting lines are open for Night 2 of the RNC!



Based on the list speakers for Night 2 of the RNC, today should be less crazy. Still that isn’t stopping us from doing betting lines! Call your bookie and get that second mortgage on your house, because the RNC Day 2 lines are in!


  • Dana White publicly challenging Joe Biden to a match at UFC 203 (2:1)

  • Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchison making the horrifying realization on stage that Donald Trump is actually the GOP nominee (9:1)

  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan ending his speech with him screaming into the microphone “RYAN 2020 BITCHES”, while being played off by The Heavy’s How You Like Me Now (7:1)

  • Finding out that Andy Wist is actually what Donald Trump calls his penis (3:1)

  • We find out Kerry Woolard’s official position at Trump Winery is “Assistant to the General Manager”, with the “General Manager” being Donald Trump (15:1)

  • During his speech, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie starts blinking in Morse Code “P-L-E-A-S-E—S-E-N-D—H-E-L-P”, but sadly only completes 93% of the code thinking that’s enough (4:1)

  • Ben Carson accidentally puts himself to sleep during his speech (1:1)



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  2. Anonymous

    Really loving these!

    Hope you guys keep doing this for each day.

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